What is the difference between Palccoyo and Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains?

You want to visit the Rainbow Mountain but you don’t know which route you should take? This post should help you to make a decision.

If the hike up Vinicunca is challenging as it is going up a lot, is long, and the altitude can cause problems to some people, the way from Palccoyo is easier, shorter and mostly flat. Moreover, as Palccoyo is a new route, you will also most likely be alone with your group or with a few other groups. Your pictures will then be better, and you will also see three rainbow mountains instead of just one with the classic tour to Vinicunca. You want to see the stunning colors from the rainbow mountain, but the long hike up Vinicunca scares you? Palccoyo is a little-known but great alternative for you!


Summary of the differences between Palccoyo and Vinicunca

Atitude4,900 m5,020 m
Duration of the hike1h3h
Length of the hike2km5km
ElevationMostly flatSteep
Departing timeBetween 5:00 and 5:20 amBetween 4:30 and 5:00 a.m.
TouristsOnly a fewCrowded


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