Posted on: 27 November 2018

Five reasons to visit Waqra Pukara

1. Good training for the Inca trail and other challenging hikes

Located around 3h south of Cusco and starting in Pitumarca village, this lovely full-day hike in a hilly area is a great and enjoyable training for the Inca trail. Indeed, as you go up and down in the mountains for several hours, you will get use to walk in high altitude in order to be fully ready for your trek to Machu Picchu.

2. New off the beaten track tour that only a few people know about

Visiting Waqra Pukara is also visiting one of the most untouched and well-preserved secret of Peru to truly go off the beaten path. If you think Machu Picchu is impressive, you will for sure be amazed by the impressive stone structure that is Waqra Pukara. As it is a new tour and not operated by a lot of agencies yet, you will be likely to visit it in a small group and not to meet anyone on the way. In addition, you will have stunning photos opportunities as the canyon and the ruins towers in front of you.

 3. Great way to see the impressive Apurimac Canyon

As you arrive to the first view point of Waqra Pukara, you will also have a first look on the impressive Apurimac Canyon, which is as deep as 3,000m (9800ft) and twice as deep as the famous Grand Canyon in the United States. As you get closer to Waqra Pukara, you will have picnic with an incredible view over the canyon. If you are lucky enough, condors flying over the canyon will accompany your lunch and your visit to the ruins.

 4. Visit a place steeped in history and mystery

Overlooking the canyon, Waqra Pukara seem to be protecting the valley, but its real purpose is still unknown. Was it really protecting the area as a fortress? Was it a sanctuary or a place to observe the sky at night? The enigma about this pre-Inca structure is still preserved today and contribute to the atmosphere of the site.

5. Enjoy the nature far from the civilisation

The hike to Waqra Pukara will lead you to lakes, rocks circles, abandoned stone constructions, streams, terraces, and small cactuses, before getting to the first view point over the canyon and the stone structure. With the low affluence of people, you will truly have the possibility to enjoy the nature, its silence and its beauty. Not only is Waqra Pukara located in the deepest canyon in the world and offers magnificent views, but all the nature surrounding the site is enchantress.

You are convinced? You can book this tour here.

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