About Us

Q’eswachaka Peru Tours is an affiliate of the Inti Sun Trek tour agency chain in Cusco, Peru.

Q’eswachaka Peru Tours was created to showcase the lesser known attractions of the Cusco region. Our team of experienced professionals is always searching for new, innovative tourist destinations, because we believe that travelers deserve to know Peru beyond Machu Picchu.

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We offer “off the beaten track” tours that will show you the best Cusco has to offer, from a unique, authentic perspective. 


The Cusco region is a place like no other, with incredible hikes, impressive archeological sites, charming mountain villages, and unbelievable scenery—however, due to strict, generic itineraries, limited time, and poor marketing, many travelers will never experience the best it has offer. At Q’eswachaka Peru Tours, we think it is an easy problem to solve. That’s why we have created several extremely unique tours that can be done in only one or two days.

We work hand in hand with local communities. 

At Q’eswachaka Peru Tours, we are proud to be connected to the indigenous artisan and agricultural communities which surround Cusco.

Jesus Villafuerte, the founder of Q’eswachaka Peru Tours, was born in one of these communities; he is very aware of the importance and influence of tourism in the lives and work of the people there. However, the benefits have not been distributed equally among all the communities in the region; Q’eswachaka Peru Tours hopes to bring more prosperity to those which have not enjoyed the same improvements in income and infrastructures. Many of our cooks, wranglers, and hosts call these places home—it’s our imperative to help improve their quality of life.

Our tours are purposefully designed to introduce you to local populations and show you a sliver of their everyday life in a meaningful, respectful way. These people are often glad to welcome travelers and show them around their homes. If you like, you may present them with small gifts, such as notebooks, pens, warm clothing, or toys for children. We are certain that by the culmination of your visit, you will have a better understanding of Andean culture. When you book a tour with Q’eswachaka Peru Tours, you can be sure that you are contributing to the sustainable support of our traditional ancestral villages.

Fellow-travelers that share the same adventurous, innovative spirit. 

As a traveler, you know that some of the most memorable and rewarding experiences come from encounters with new people and places. When you book a trip with us, you can be sure that you will travel alongside other thrill-seekers. All of our tours provide great opportunities to make friends in a pleasant atmosphere. You never know who you will meet on your next adventure!


Adventure awaits in Cusco! All of us here at Q’eswachaka Peru Tours can’t wait to meet you and make your travel dreams come true!

When you book a trip with us you can be sure that your group will have similar travelers looking for adventure in the Peruvian Andes.