Posted on: 27 November 2018

Five reasons to visit Qeswachaka Inca Bridge

1. Go off the beaten track

If you like to go off the beaten track, visiting Qeswachaka Bridge is a must-see. Tours to Qeswachaka are not popular yet among tourists so you are likely to appreciate the beauty of this bridge hung between the two banks of Apurimac River and avoid hordes of tourists at the same time. If you feel courageous enough, you can even cross it while it is swinging in the wind.

2. See and learn about the last remaining Inca bridge

Suspended above the Apurimac River, this rope bridge made out of organic matter is the last one remaining from the Inca empire, where bridges like this one were the only way to go through canyons and rivers along the empire. Located four hours outside of Cusco, Qeswachaka is restored every year in June by four communities, following the heritage from their ancestors.

3. Enjoy a wonderful scenery

In addition to the bridge hung in a splendid area, you will enjoy a scenery of different mountains and four lakes: Pampamarca, Asnacqocha, Acopía, and Pomacanchi Lagoons, as well as appreciate a picnic with a nice view on the banks of one of these lakes. As you will cross many villages on the way, you are as well likely to see typical animals from Peru such as sheep, llamas and alpacas and the typic flora of the region.

4. Learn about a part of Peruvian history not a lot of tourists know about

On this tour, you will learn about a part of Peruvian history other tour guides usually don’t talk about. Indeed, during this tour, your guide will tell you about Túpac Amaru, an indigenous leader in the 18thcentury who led a movement promoting Peru independence and the rights of Indigenous people.

5. Ideal as a first tour in Cusco

This tour is ideal as a first tour in Cusco. As it does not require a lot of walking, this tour is a great one to do while you are still getting use to the altitude before engaging in the challenging hikes the region has to offer.

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